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It is a method of producing pure water by forcing saline or impure water through a semi permeable membrane across which dissolved salts or impurities cannot pass. 

WPM has developed relationships with strategic partners to provide clean and healthy, potable water for our clients across Africa and specializes in Engineered plant which is designed and built to suit each clients individual needs.

Through our African offices WPM markets and distributes innovative Filtration and Desalination Water Treatment Systems that are capable of providing Africa with high quality water.

Our competitive advantage is the fact that we combine proven designs with world class technical ability and engineering skills.

Our range of Micro, Nano, Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Desalination plants are custom built to suite the client's needs.

Supply Options

Modular Housed Plant | Containerized Plant | Skid mounted Banks | Mobile Plant

Our Modular Panelling construction allows for the inclusion of power systems, storage and workshop facilities being included for site operations. The modular systems are pre-assembled and skid mounted providing significant capital cost reductions. Flexible plant design configurations and operational efficiencies also add to reduction of the plant footprint.

We also offer portable and self contained units that are built for mission specific applications such as displaced refugee Camps, Drought Relief or Cholera outbreaks.

WPM offers various Supply packages to suit our clients' needs

  • Outright purchase with management options
  • Plant lease with Operate and Management options
  • Purchase quality water at a Contract price per Kilolitre supplied
  • Stand By Emergency Plants available to rent

The core focus of our Odyssey Engineered Water Systems is to provide packaged, modular solutions to clients as we have the capability to manufacture all of the required components at our works. 

Applicable Flow Ratings

Our Standard Range offering is designed for flowrates of 100 LPH to 20 000 LPH while Special Built Ranges from 30M³ upwards.

Typical Reverse Osmosis uses

Water Filtration | Boiler Feed Water | Production of Bottled Water | Fruit Juices | Alcoholic Beverages | Desalinization of Seawater | Kidney Dialysis Machines


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