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WPM has over 35 years worth of experience in completing successful Media exchanges, Membrane replacements, outsourced plant services and overhauls.

We have an established African Client base which ranges from Industrial – Pharmaceutical – Soft Drink Plants – Brewery plants – Chemical manufacturing facilities etc. Clients geographically have ranged from South Africa – Western Africa & Sub-Saharan African countries.

Our Group also provides  Water Process management for select clients and also offers water management contracts based on fixed rates for smaller water plant operations.

WPM will coordinate all the necessary shipping & import / export documentation leaving the clients to concentrate on their key functions.

WPM provides a wide-range of services within the water industry.  Managed by experienced water treatment specialists this division has over the last 20 years earned itself a remarkable reputation for Service and Innovation. WPM service from pre-treatment to effluent, we implement management systems together with our suppliers to assist our clients with cost savings, through technical solutions that improve efficiencies and usages.

We have a experienced service crew who are able to provide clients with all their maintenance requirements, thus saving on additional staffing which may be necessary to run certain types of water treatment plants.

Specialised outsourced Plant Services Offered across Africa

Cooling Towers / Boilers

Safe and effective waterside descaling and inspections.

Reverse Osmosis / Desalination

Membranes and Filter supply and on-site replacement.

Nano / Micro and Ultra Filtration

CIP's, Module replacements, Filter supply, Anti Scalent chemical supply & application, Management of plant.

Water Softeners

Resin replacement, Upgrades, Valve services and, or replacement.


Resin replacement, Upgrades, Plant overhauls, valve replacements & services.

Carbon Filtration

Carbon supply, Carbon replacements, Valve services / replacement.

Sand Filtration

Sand supply, Sand Replacment, Valve servicing and, or replacement.

UV & Ozone Sterilization Systems

Lamp replacement and Inspection.


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